Regardless of what is motivating you to seek help at this time you have taken the first step.  Finding a therapist is not easy and can be confusing.  This site will help you learn about the type of therapy I provide, my approach and how I might be truly helpful to you. The relationship between therapist and client can be a powerful, healing connection so finding the right therapist is important.

By listening deeply and being an accepting and non-judgmental presence you Dawn-07can begin to tell your story at your pace. I guide the session to deeper understanding, increased awareness and greater choice. Through a trusting, collaborative relationship you can begin to increase self-compassion and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. I use a holistic and eclectic approach which means that I tailor the counseling to whatever is appropriate for you and your specific situation. I integrate mindfulness practices and traditional therapies to work with individuals, groups and couples.

Some of the areas that I specialize in are:

All types of addictions and how addiction impacts the family, co-dependency issues, stress management, finding work/life balance, anxiety and depression, trauma, loss and unresolved grief, existential and spiritual issues.

On-going feedback is also important during the therapeutic relationship to make sure that I am meeting your needs and we are on the right track. If we determine that I am not the best therapist for you, I will do my best to find a therapist that is a better match.